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A new approach to feedstock production from wastewater

Waste streams represent a substantial resource for value-added industrial products, particularly given increasing energy and feedstock demand. Volatile fatty acids (VFAs) are considered one of them and extensively used in various industries. Therefore, production of VFAs from waste streams as a feedstock is one of the emerging subjects in the field of resource recovery. However, the knowledge and application of VFA production and recovery from waste streams are limited. The aim of EnVFAPro is to develop a microbial consortium for maximizing VFA production from dairy industry wastewater. For this purpose, engineering and microbiological tools in combination with a modelling approach will be used. This project will increase the knowledge of the microbial community, their interactions and the operational conditions to maximise VFA production from dairy industry waste streams. Results from this project will provide the basis of an integrated waste management approach including effective recovery of valuable products.

The main objectives of EnVFAPro:

  1. Understanding the VFA profile produced during the anaerobic treatment of dairy industry wastewater.
  2. In-depth characterisation of active microbial populations and their interactions during the production and degradation of VFA.
  3. Using bioaugmentation strategy to develop an efficient microbial seed sludge that will maximise VFA production.
  4. Analysis of microbial dynamics during long-term reactor operation.
  5. Modelling of lab-scale reactors seeded with mixed culture, pure cultures and the developing seed sludge.
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