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Chun-Biu Li: How do molecular motors face stochasticity? Challenges and chances

Tid: On 2020-04-15 kl 14.00

Föreläsare: Chun-Biu Li

Plats: Zoom, Meeting ID: 682 028 753 10


Many biomolecules can perform specific and robust functions in highly fluctuating environments. Instead of viewing stochasticity as nuisance, I propose that some biomolecules have evolved to actively utilize stochasticity to promote functions. In particular, it has been shown that the ubiquitous rotary motor proteins F1-ATPase (F1) can efficiently convert chemical energy to mechanical rotation at the stochastic nano-scale. In this talk, I will give an intuitive account on the possible roles of stochasticity in the operations of F1 motor. In addition, I will discuss how different domains of theoretical studies, namely, machine learning, model inference, stochastic simulations, nonequilibrium physics and information theory, can work together to unveil the working principles of motor proteins from empirical data.

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