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Georg Oberdieck: A note on Hilbert schemes of points of K3 surfaces

Tid: Ti 2021-09-28 kl 14.30 - 15.30

Plats: Institut Mittag-Leffler, Seminar Hall Kuskvillan (alt. Zoom, meeting ID: 921 756 1880)

Medverkande: Georg Oberdieck (University of Bonn)

Abstract: Borisov and Libgober computed the elliptic genus of the Hilbert scheme of points of a K3 surface. I will explain how their result together with conjectures in Gromov–Witten theory (by van Ittersum, myself and Pixton) suggest a somewhat unwieldy conjectural formula for the Chern numbers of the Hilbert scheme of points of K3 surfaces.