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Josep Àlvarez Montaner: Local cohomology of binomial edge ideals and their generic initial ideal

Tid: Må 2020-06-15 kl 15.30

Plats: Zoom, registration required

Föreläsare: Josep Àlvarez Montaner, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


The aim of this talk is to introduce a Hochster type formula for the local cohomology modules of binomial edge ideals. This formula gives us a simple criterion for the Cohen-Macaulayness and Buchsbaumness of these ideals and we describe their Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity and their Hilbert series. We also give a proof, for the case of binomial edge ideals, of a conjecture of Conca, De Negri and Gorla relating the graded components of the local cohomology modules of Cartwright-Sturmfels ideals and their generic initial ideals.

Registration: If you haven't received a link before, please email smirnov@math.su.se .

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