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Oliver Leigh: The Moduli Space of Stable Maps with Divisible Ramification

Tid: On 2019-10-09 kl 13.15

Plats: Room 3418, KTH

Föreläsare: Oliver Leigh, Stockholm University

Abstract: In this talk we discuss a theory of stable maps with divisible ramification. For a fixed integer r>0, we show that the condition of every ramification locus being divisible by r is equivalent to the existence of an rth root of a canonical section. We construct a natural moduli space parametrising these objects and explore its enumerative geometry. This includes an analogue of the Fantechi–Pandharipande branch morphism and a virtual fundamental class compatible with that of the space of stable maps. This theory is anticipated to have applications to r-spin Hurwitz theory. In particular, it is expected to provide a geometric proof of the r-ELSV formula.

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Tillhör: Institutionen för matematik
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