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Tom Dutilleul: Chaotic dynamics of spatially homogeneous spacetimes

Tid: Ti 2019-10-22 kl 11.00 - 12.00

Föreläsare: Tom Dutilleul, Université Paris 13

Plats: Seminar Hall Kuskvillan, Institut Mittag-Leffler


In 1963, Belinsky, Khalatnikov and Lifshitz have proposed a conjectural description of the asymptotic geometry of cosmological models in the vicinity of their initial singularity. In particular, it is believed that the asymptotic geometry of generic spatially homogeneous spacetimes should display an oscillatory chaotic behaviour modeled on a discrete map's dynamics (the so-called Kasner map). We prove that this conjecture holds true, if not for generic spacetimes, at least for a positive Lebesgue measure set of spacetimes.

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