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Ulrik Enstad: Systems of time-frequency translates and their spanning properties

Tid: On 2021-09-29 kl 13.15 - 14.15

Plats: Stockholm University, Kräftriket, Sal 14, SU och Zoom 692 1892 7142

Medverkande: Ulrik Enstad (Stockholm University)

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A Gabor system is a set of time-frequency translates of a given function in the Hilbert space \(L^2(\mathbb{R})\) of square-integrable functions on the real line. In this talk I will give an introduction to Gabor systems and their spanning properties, which forms a ubiquitous part of time-frequency analysis. I will also present some joint work with Jakobsen, Luef and Omland on Gabor frames on locally compact abelian groups.