Konstantin Mischaikow, ny affilierad professor

Publicerad 2017-11-02

Konstantin Mischaikow, till vardags professor vid Rutger University, sitter i styrelsen för Brummer & Partners MathDataLab och är ny affilierad professor vid institutionen för matematik.

"The world around us and within us is constantly changing. I am interested in developing mathematical tools that allow us to quantify and characterize these changes. Algebraic topology, especially homology, provides a systematic method for deriving rigorous statements about global structures from finite amounts of reasonably good local information. The fact that all our observations are made with some level of imprecision motivates my use of homology as a fundamental mathematical tool for organizing our description of evolving processes. In particular, I work on theorems relating algebraic topological invariants to nonlinear dynamics, developing efficient methods for rigorous numerical computations based on topological ideas, topological data analysis of complex spatiotemporal systems, and developing a language for the rigorous description of global dynamics over large ranges of parameters for poorly quantified systems."

Tillhör: Institutionen för matematik
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