Per-Gunnar Martinsson, ny affilierad professor

Publicerad 2017-11-02

Per-Gunnar Martinsson, till vardags professor vid University of Oxford, sitter i styrelsen för Brummer & Partners MathDataLab och är ny affilierad professor vid institutionen för matematik. Välkommen till KTH och institutionen för matematik!

 "My research concerns the development of faster and more accurate algorithms for solving problems that arise in data analysis and scientific computing. One set of problems I've found particularly compelling lately has been to accelerate some of the most commonly occurring linear algebraic computations by introducing a random component to the algorithms. These methods have direct applications in computational statistics, in medical imaging, in data mining, and many other areas where we have to work with huge datasets. I am also interested in more classical areas of scientific computing, where I am work on methods for efficiently solving a set of mathematical equations that model problems such as acoustic and electromagnetic scattering, deformations of solid bodies, gravitation, and many more."

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