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The Dahlquist Research Fellowship

The Dahlquist Research Fellowship was named in honor of professor Germund Dahlquist, the pioneer in numerical analysis at KTH, Stockholm.

The Dahlquist Research Fellowship has had eight recipients during the years 2007-2023. Each recipient has been awared a research position for two years to pursue his/her own research interests. This fellowship has mainly been financed by Comsol AB , jointly with KTH. The position has been placed within the Numerical Analysis division at KTH during the full period, which since 2012 means at the Department of Mathematics at KTH.

Professor Germund Dahlquist (1925-2005) became Sweden's first professor in Numerical Analysis in 1963 at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). He founded the Department of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science (NADA, the Swedish acronym for Numerisk Analys och Datalogi), and helped establish the Nordic journal of numerical analysis, BIT, in 1961.

Germund Dahlquist was a true pioneer in Numerical Analysis. This fellowship is not alone in honoring his memory. In 1995, the SIAM Germund Dahlquist Prize was established to be "Awarded to a young scientist for original contributions to fields associated with Germund Dahlquist, especially the numerical solution of differential equations and numerical methods for scientific computing".

There will be no more announcements for this fellowship. From KTH we sincerely thank Comsol for their support during these years. We also warmly thank Professor Björn Engquist and Professor Bertil Gustafsson for their service in selecting candidates for this fellowship.

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