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Open Water

Aim and main expected results

The existing water treatment plants in Sweden needs to be renovated or replaced over the coming decade, multimillion-class investments will be required to meet these needs. In the project Open Water, we are investigating the possibilities with open data and shared design for cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation in digital twins for water treatment applications. By developing a scenario and model definition of how data can become open, available and integrated in infrastructure development (wastewater treatment plants and drinking water production plants) we want to provide a basis for digital transformation and innovation for the public sector as well as for industry and services.

Some of the questions and issues in our focus are:

  • What needs to be considered, if and when data and design becomes open and shared in digital twins, to meet the risk and security requirements?
  • How can we find new ways to collaborate in digital twins so that it adds value for the different stakeholders in the water treatment value chain?

Project partners

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, RISE Interactive, University of Skövde – Department of Computer Science School of Informatics, Ramboll AB, Göteborg Kretslopp & Vatten, Trollhättan Energi, Hagström Consulting AB, and Virtual Cities of Sweden AB.

In collaboration with Katarina Larsen, KTH Div. History of Science, Technology and Environment.

Time frame

October 2018- November 2022


Sofia Ritzén
Sofia Ritzén
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