New PhD position in Mechatronics & Embedded Systems

Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems

Publicerad 2015-11-28

The Mechatronics division at KTH is part of a new multidisciplinary doctoral program in the Horizon 2020 Marie Curie European Training Network.

The network, oCPS, focuses on Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems.  The program aims to train a generation of young researchers in cross-disciplinary thinking and deliver industrially validated engineering tool chains.

A total of 15 new PhD students are being recruited at top universities and research institutes across Europe, including Munich, Eindhoven and Dortmund as well as Stockholm.  Each PhD student will do two secondments at other oCPS participants - at least one of which will be industrial. The graduates will become the architects of CPS application domains such as robotics, healthcare systems, automotive systems, energy systems, low-power imaging and industrial automation.

Deadline for applications is: 10 December 2015.

To read more, and to apply, go to:

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