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Music for All

Hand on piano keys: Picture by Johan Fröst
Picture by Johan Fröst

In the “Music for All” TWG we employ a broad definition of access, and the aim is to give research focus to three foundations for accessibility with respect to music practices: inclusion, digitalisation, and sustainability. Each of these aspects pose major challenges on our many publicly funded institutions that work with music in one way or another. Music for All targets access to all stages of music production and experiences, from composition, technology development, musical practices, performance, and distribution. 

The long-term objectives of the TWG are to

  1. make art more accessible and explore different modes of access
  2. reach new or missed audiences
  3. augment the toolbox of creators with cross-modal methods
  4. engage non-experts in music practice
  5. design inclusive, interactive experiences, aesthetic labs and events
  6. promote economically, environmentally and social sustainable practices

The working group has a wide set of overlapping and complementary competences and will welcome additional collaborators active with work involving other forms of representations and modalities. 


Kjetil Falkenberg, KTH (contact: kjetil@kth.se

Cheryl Akner-Koler, Konstfack

Maya Berggren, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Anders Bohman, SKH 

Emma Frid, KTH

Björn Johan Fröst, KMH

Hans Kipfer, TAKE5 Music Production

Hans Lindetorp, KMH

Charlie Nelson Prag, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Projektledare Digital Innovation

Bob L. T. Sturm, KTH

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