MMS observations of the structure of the Electron Diffusion Region during magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause

Tid: To 2020-02-20 kl 13.15

Föreläsare: Giulia Cozzani, IRF Uppsala

Plats: Gustaf Dahlander (Teknikringen 31, ground floor)

Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental energy conversion process in plasmas. Reconnection takes place in thin current sheets leading to the reconfiguration of magnetic field topology and to conversion of magnetic energy into particle acceleration and heating. It is recognized to play a key role in the Earth-solar environment. Reconnection is initiated in the Electron Diffusion Region (EDR), where electrons decouple from the magnetic field and are energized by electric fields. The small electron scale physics of the dissipation region remains largely unexplored. Only recently, with the launch of the Magnetospheric MultiScale mission (MMS) together with the increasing of supercomputers computational capabilities, the dynamics of the EDR has started to be enlightened. One of the key, yet still open questions, is whether the EDR has a preferred homogeneous or inhomogeneous structure at electron scales and below. MMS observations of the EDR at the subsolar magnetopause show that the EDR can be much more complex (in terms of current densities, electric field and energy conversion) than it has been found in other MMS events and than it is usually depicted by kinetic PIC simulations.

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