PhD Education

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science welcomes new graduate students. You will receive a profound education that makes you equally attractive in industry as in academia. We can offer both experimental and theoretical studies.

Graduate studies at Space and Plasma Physics can carry you either to a Licentiate's degree or to a Doctor's degree. The nominal time for a Licentiate's degree is two years, four years for a Doctor's degree.

Each student will typically be assigned one main supervisor and two assistant supervisors ("handledare"). Already at an early stage an individual study plan will be set up to help the student to remain within target.

Courses given at the lab will play an important part in your education. They consist of 45-60 credit units (ECTS) for a Licentiate's degree and 75-90 c.u. for the Doctor's degree. Some undergraduate courses may also be part of your study plan.

IT ("institutionstjänstgöring") may occupy up to 20% of the overall time. The time for completion of Ph.D. studies can thus be extended to five years. IT may consist of teaching (undergraduate level), computer work, experiment support, public relations etc.

Once accepted, the studies are usually financed with "doktorandtjänst" with a monthly salary in accordance with the general guidelines negotiated annually at KTH.

We typically have 1-2 openings for PhD students per year.

Recent Doctoral and Licentiate Theses at Space and Plasma Physics