Samer Al Moubayed wins the Christian Benoît Award

Published Sep 18, 2013

Samer Al Moubayed won the 7th Christian Benoît Award for his research on the Furhat talking head , as a research device for studying face-to-face communication.The award was given at the closing ceremony of Interspeech’13 in Lyon at the end of August.

The Christian Benoît Award is a biannual award established in the honor of the memory of the French scientist Christian Benoît , and given to a young researcher whose work shows great promise and whose PhD and further scientific work is in the field of Face-to-Face Speech Communication.

The award provides financial support for the development of promotional products to support his work. The award receives its funding from the Association Christian Benoît, and from ISCA (the International Speech Communication Association).

Samer receiving the award at Interspeech, Lyon, France (August, 2013)
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