Bachelor's programme in Information and Communication Technology 180 credits

Today’s society is highly dependent on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This programme aims to meet society’s demands for ICT solutions and prepare a generation of highly skilled specialists in the field. The developments in this area create opportunities for you to utilise the knowledge gained in the programme for either an international career, or higher education.

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Särskild behörighet: In order to be eligible for studies at KTH, you must fulfil the general admission requirements for higher education as well as the specific admission requirements for the programme. The requirements are a completed upper secondary education including documented proficiency in English corresponding to English B/English 6. In addition applicants must show documented knowledge in Mathematics and Physics corresponding to Mathematics E/Mathematics 4 and Physics B/Physics 2. In each of the subjects, applicants must have at least a passing grade. For this programme, exemption is given from requirements in the Swedish language.
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Statistik HT-18: BI: 19.85, BII: 20.61, HP: 1.10

  • BI:sökanden med gymnasiebetyg utan komplettering
  • BII:sökanden med gymnasiebetyg med komplettering
  • BF: sökanden med studieomdömen från folkhögskola
  • HP:sökanden med resultat från högskoleprov
  • SA: sökanden som skickat in sen anmälan

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Breddande färdigheter12%
Valbar kurs eller inriktning5%
Undervisningspråk: Engelska
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Information and Communication Technology 180 credits

The programme is taught in English and based on the research carried out at KTH in conjunction with companies. You are involved in the latest research advances and developments in the field. You will interact with prominent professors and teachers from all over the world.

The programme features decent proportion of elective courses and allows you to customise your education depending on individual interests, while maintaining a solid scientific basis. You gain a broad range of fundamental knowledge and skills in the core aspects of ICT – mathematics, programming, electronics and computer engineering, and networking. You will also study subjects such as economics, management, and sustainable development. The programme results in a competitive Bachelor’s degree of the highest international standard.

The programme has good connections to the industry and provides unique opportunities to network and interact with industry contacts beneficial to future careers. It also contains guest lectures and projects that provide a comprehensive understanding of the profession.

A higher education in technology can be challenging and this programme is no exception. The pace is high and rich with content. Learning acquired in early courses is frequently relied upon in later courses to enable the successful teaching of more advanced concepts. The challenge is real but can be overcome with commitment, purpose, and dedication.


Career prospects

The combination of computer, electrical and software engineering, computer science, and communication technology is essential for all businesses. After graduation, you can work in all industries – from automotive and medical technology, to traditional ICT companies.

Job and career prospects (interviews in Swedish)


Read interviews and find out what students think of the education at KTH or ask questions to a KTH student. They can answer questions about course content, student life at KTH or if you have questions regarding job and career prospects.

Christopher, KTH student

"My best advice to you as a prospective student is trying to find a good balance between studies and various interests."

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