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PhD Course “FMG3210 - Circular Economy and Industrial Systems (7.5 Credits)”, 2020

Published Oct 17, 2019

The course "Circular Economy and Industrial Systems" aims to provide the foundations of the circular economy paradigm.

Meeting dates

February 4, 5, 6 and May 26, 27 in the year 2020

Meeting venue

Room M311, Brinellvägen 68, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Course registration

For registration please send an e-mail to Sayyed Shoaib-ul-Hasan at Deadline for course registration is 31st January 2020.

Course fee

Doctoral students (both regular and industrial) enrolled at KTH can join the course free of charge. For external doctoral students and industrial participants there is a course fee of 6000 SEK.

The course will be a combination of lectures, discussions and students own work. An important mechanism for learning is individual reflections and relating theory to practice. A number of learning goals are defined for the course. After attending this course, PhD candidates will be able to:

  • discuss the conceptual frameworks necessary to understand the foundations of the CE;
  • outline current industrial trends regarding CE;
  • adopt a system perspective for implementation in industry and society and discuss opportunites and barriers in an implementation;
  • to relate to the policy rationale for CE.

More detailed information is included in the course plan .

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact:

Sayyed Shoaib Ul  Hasan
Sayyed Shoaib Ul Hasan
Postdoctoral researcher
Brinellvägen 68 114 28 Stockholm Sweden Room K 224
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