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XPRES relies on a set of concurrent high-quality research activities from the partners as well as strong industrial collaboration structures. Focus and concentration of research activities between the partners will provide the ability to implement width and depth in a common XPRES graduate school, as well as a long-term coordination of education curricula and increased exchange between the partners within undergraduate education.

XPRES sets a base for increased internationalization of the research activities within manufacturing engineering by way of a shared international community. This will enhance existing links and lead to a structured international exchange of students and researchers. XPRES also finds a new framework for the interaction between the academia, represented by KTH, MDH and Swerea and the industrial partners. Mobility between the parties has a central role.

Two integrated facilities are created within XPRES to provide scenes for intense cooperation between the partners:

Simulation of gear rolling
  • The ‘XPRES real lab’ provides new flexible/adaptive manufacturing lab facilities. This lab will allow manufacturing equipment to be installed for projects with a limited duration.
  • The ‘XPRES virtual lab’ provides new digital factory and augmented reality facilities. This lab will allow concepts to be tested virtually and provides an information exchange platform. Research results will be documented and easily accessible in web guides and authoring tools in production engineering.

The company involvement within XPRES will be intensive. The companies and research institutes are represented in the XPRES management as well as in the three research focus areas.

Belongs to: Excellence in production research (XPRES)
Last changed: May 03, 2018