Arrival in London!

Today we arrived in London! The work started right away with great efficiency. Things left to do before the safety inspection and competition is mounting the new door, finish the foiling of the car body and fixing the clutch ECU that is non-functional at the moment. This will most probably be finished tomorrow, since we now know that the error in the clutch ECU was a pin that was grounded when it shouldn’t. We also need to do a few more tests on the internal combustion engine and it’s ECU.

Welcome to London ELBA!

Welcome to London, ELBA!

Still happy after 28 hours in a car!

Still happy after 28 hours in a car!

Work in progress

Clutch ECU – Work in progress

All hard at wok

All hard at wok

An organised work space

An organised work space

London Calling

Everything is packed, Elba is strapped in and in a few minutes we’re driving to London! The team is super excited for the competition.

Emil with Elba

Emil with Elba

New sponsor

We are happy to announce that SKF are sponsoring our project. Their bearings and linear actuators will be excellent additions to our car. Welcome aboard!


The work continues

Summer finally hit Stockholm!

On another note, the car is steadily being improved and will soon be tested at Barkarby airfield.

Eating lunch on the roof of the lab

Eating lunch on the roof of the lab

Driving IRL at ITRL

Hey there!

A lot has happened since the last update. Most notably we have a new internal combustion engine that we have modified. A test rig has been built for the engine where we will identify important parameters for our model of the car.

Speaking of models, the plant model of the car has been improved and can now be simulated with the track in London. Aside from simulations we also went for a test drive IRL outside the Integrated Transport Research Lab here at KTH to verify the previous system and let our driver get used to the car.

Alex test driving the car

Furthermore we have streamlined the auxiliary power system to make it more robust and the design for the new clutch is underway.

More updates to follow!

Hello world!

The work with KTH’s entry for Shell Eco Marathon 2016 is in full swing! We are a team of 16 excited students from Machine Design, Internal Combustion Engine, Lightweight Construction and Mechatronics.

The competition this year will be held in London between the 27th of June and the 3rd of July where we will compete in the class Urban Concept.

The focus this year will be to develop an optimized drive cycle designed for the competition track. We will also improve upon current inefficiencies in the power-train.

To be continued…

Group meeting

Group meeting

The team behind ElBa in 2015

This is the big team behind the creation of the complex hybrid car ElBa that was designed and built during 3 months. The innovation team in Shell Eco marathon are very excited about our car and are impressed over our work and the functional complexity of the car! DSC_0834

The team photograph of Sleipner!

This photograph shows the whole Sleipner team that competed in Shell Eco marathon in 2015! They were excited as Sleipner had been fixed and the wheels were spinning. DSC_0829

ElBa has raced for the first time in Shell Eco marathon in 2015!

ElBa ran its first attempt and the race was valid! The car made it through 10 laps with a total distance of 16117 meters under 36 minutes, which means that the car had an average speed of 27 km/h. ElBa came fourth with a result of 96 km/L . We are going to compete again now after some adjustments, for example the small motor will be used this time instead of the big motor in lower velocities and hopefully this will reduce the fuel consumption and get us to the third place.


The car passing by the team in its 10th and last lap.DSC_0816DSC_0817Tobias is sitting in the car with great excitement as the first run went so swell!


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Sleipner has passed the safety inspection!

Yesterday Sleipner passed the inspection and was verified for its first attempt. The Fuel cells are functioning well and the electrical parts are being checked for loose wires to make sure that Sleipner is ready to compete tomorrow.