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Tiny WebTex – online math editing

Do you want to add nicely formatted mathematics to your WordPress blog, Drupal site or similar? We may have a solution for you. Using the previously mentioned WebTex (page in Swedish) mathematics image rendering service as backend, Tiny WebTex is a TinyMCE plugin allowing you to add images of LaTeX expressions to your page.

With some menues to help users unfamiliar with TeX to at least get started, the editor is updated as you type and the expressions are base-lined with the surrounding text. My hope is that this is a reasonably easy to use user interface to add mathematics to CMS-like systems, and that it can act as proof-of-concept and starting point for anyone who wishes to create a similar plugin for CKEditor or the YUI editor.

Get it from our github repo, github.com/KTHse/tinywebtex, hack away and let us know what you do with it. Two more screen-shots is available in the wiki.

For KTH staff and students, Tiny WebTex is likely coming soon to a social site near you.

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