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ORCID – Global ID for KTH researchers

Earlier this year KTH Royal Institute of Technology decided to sign an agreement with ORCID and start using the ORCID iD for our researchers. The idea behind the ORCID iD is to provide a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes a specific researcher from all other researchers.

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At KTH we have built an application to help our researchers create or connect their ORCID iD. In this process we also affiliate the researcher to KTH.

The application is strait forward and easy to use. The researchers login with their KTH accounts and click on CREATE or CONNECT depending if they want to create a new ORCID iD or connect an existing one.


The creation of an ORCID iD

When the researchers do not not have an ORCID iD the way forward is to create. The create process is short and the goal is to make it as easy as possible for the researchers. When the researcher click on the create button, all relevant data i fetched from the KTH HR system and presented to the researchers.

Create ORCID iD form
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There are two optional fields on this page:

1. If the researchers use a different name when publishing, they can enter it in the ”Published name” field.

2. If the researchers don’t want to add it’s KTH profile url to the ORCID record, they just click on the ”Do not submit” checkbox and the url wont be added.

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When the form has been sent, ORCID checks that a ORCID record with the given e-mail address do not already exist. If all is good, the user is prompted with a message that the ORCID record has been created and to check its mailbox for an e-mail from ORCID.

When it’s done, the researcher is redirected back to KTH and informed about an e-mail that has been sent with information on how to claim the newly created account. During this process the ORCID iD is saved in the KTH HR system.

The e-mail has a link to the form for claiming the new ORCID account and to do so just set a password and a default privacy level.

Connecting an existing ORCID iD

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Click on the image for full size

If the researcher already has an ORCID iD, the process is even shorter.

1. They click the ”Connect” button, login with their ORCID account and authorize KTH to read and update their profile for a short period of time.

2. Then the researcher is redirected back to KTH and chooses if its KTH profile url should be added to the ORCID account.

In this process the ORCID iD is added to the KTH HR system.

The application is now live and the first school at KTH to use it is SCI with their 600 researchers.

Launch of the application

This week all researchers at KTH should have access to the application and gotten information on how and why they should create or connect their ORCIDs.

What is the technical approach to this application?

For this relatively small web application we have used Play Framework and the Pac4j module for the OAuth connection to ORCID.org and CAS support. This application is also connected to our users and groups system (UG) to be able to fetch and store data for our researches.

Jag heter Niklas och arbetar som tema lead i vårt webbteam som är ansvarigt för bl.a. www.kth.se, bloggplattformar, den centrala söktjänsten, profilsidor m.m. Jag använder denna blogg för att dela med mig av information som handlar om nya projekt och system som vi utvecklar för våra användare på universitetet.

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