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KTH Programs – a new application to compare programs at KTH

Compare programmes at KTH

During the years we have used a questionnaire to get feedback from prospective students with the purpose to get a good understanding of their needs and use that information to improve the part of the web that inform these students about the range of the programmes KTH provides.

Every year we have gotten feedback and questions about ”an easy way to compare and filter out programmes” as a first step before to diving in to the details of the selected / interesting programmes based on the students interests.

With this information in mind, we have now build a programme comparison application as a first step. This application let you choose and compare two programmes at the time.

Compare programs

Compare programmes at KTH
Select programs


The data included in the comparison is the degree, length, campus, subjects, and the master programs.

Step 1 – Select the first programme to include in the comparison


Step 2 – Select the second programme to use in the comparison.


It’s easy to switch one of the programmes to compare with another programme and when choosing, you can also do a search filtering to find what you need in the search box.

Do a search to filter out the programme you are looking for.

API first for the win

We also make use of the build in API to make use of the information in other systems as well. Now each programme section on the web site of www.kth.se has the possibility to show a block of information with the information from the comparison application.

The same information can be retrieved from the API and shown on the programme page if wanted.

You find the application: Compare programs at KTH

This is the first step, let´s improve this further

When this project started we knew that the actual comparison was one of many good features this application could hold to help prospective students on their way and now when it’s released we can lock forward and start improving and adding new requested features from the feedback we get. Maybe facetted filtering could be one of those but it’s up to the students.

Jag heter Niklas och arbetar som tema lead i vårt webbteam som är ansvarigt för bl.a. www.kth.se, bloggplattformar, den centrala söktjänsten, profilsidor m.m. Jag använder denna blogg för att dela med mig av information som handlar om nya projekt och system som vi utvecklar för våra användare på universitetet.

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