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Proxying the Couchbase admin interface over https

Couchbase, at least as of Couchbase 2.0, pretty much expects to be hidden away in some back bone infrastructure network, and hence doesn’t provide much in the sense of encryption of network traffic out of the box. Those of us who aren’t quite fortunate enough to be able to hide everything behind firewalls need to … Fortsätt läsa ”Proxying the Couchbase admin interface over https”

Verifying performance of Jasig CAS with Apache JMeter

As previously mentioned, we use the Jasig CAS authentication server at KTH and occasionally, at least nowadays, actually update it. In order to verify that any update is likely to meet the requirements of our production environment, we do some simple performance testing using Apache JMeter which we also use to verify performance of some other … Fortsätt läsa ”Verifying performance of Jasig CAS with Apache JMeter”