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How to make the environment taxes more effective?

One of the most fundamental principles behind environment policies is that the party that emits pollutants should pay for the damage that they cause. In Sweden, we have a number of environment taxes or charges that reflect this, such as on carbon dioxide, sulphur and oxides of nitrogen. An environment tax leads to a reduction … Continue reading “How to make the environment taxes more effective?”

A circular economy – a necessary part of our reorientation

Society is in the process of moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. But that is not enough. Society also needs to switch to more sustainable production and consumption patterns. A circular economy will play an important role here. Material flows are mostly linear in society today. This can be clearly seen if … Continue reading “A circular economy – a necessary part of our reorientation”

Seventh in the world

KTH ranks seventh in the Times Higher Education (THE) global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The whole of KTH should take a bow. It is extremely pleasing to see that our long-term work is paying such dividends. It is especially exciting that this high ranking is based on … Continue reading “Seventh in the world”

Change is possible when people mobilize

The regimes in the former Eastern Europe fell thirty years ago when sufficient numbers of people went out onto the streets to demand change. The right to vote was introduced one hundred years ago when public demand became so strong that those in power feared revolution. Big changes happen when people mobilize. Several reports arrived … Continue reading “Change is possible when people mobilize”