Change is possible when people mobilize

The regimes in the former Eastern Europe fell thirty years ago when sufficient numbers of people went out onto the streets to demand change. The right to vote was introduced one hundred years ago when public demand became so strong that those in power feared revolution. Big changes happen when people mobilize. Several reports arrived … Continue reading “Change is possible when people mobilize”

Prioritise environment goals now

In the 1990s, the Swedish Parliament resolved with a broad consensus that the overall aim of Swedish environment policy was for the major environment problems to be resolved within one generation. A number of national environment quality goals were also resolved on, with specific and interim goals. The concept “within one generation” was specified as … Continue reading “Prioritise environment goals now”

EU raises the bar – but is it high enough?

Towards the end of last year, the EU Commission published  a long-term climate strategy for the EU. The paper raises earlier targets and proposes a climate-neutral EU by the year 2050. The EU Commission communication will now be discussed in the European Parliament and European Council. The aim is to be in a position to … Continue reading “EU raises the bar – but is it high enough?”

Let´s talk about AI

Big investments are being made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) right now. What society can and would like to use AI for is less frequently discussed. A more detailed dialogue is needed. Artificial Intelligence is described in various contexts as a key technology that is going to change society and industry in a fundamental way. Different … Continue reading “Let´s talk about AI”

How aviation can reduce its climate impact

Air travel accounts for an increasing share of the climate impact of Swedes. Flights are currently responsible for just over 10 percent of the carbon footprint attributable to Swedish consumers. That is around about the same as private car use in Sweden. To reduce the climate impact of aviation, several different types of measures are required: • … Continue reading “How aviation can reduce its climate impact”