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Why Transformative Humanities?

Welcome to the first step of the rest of this blog. Let´s kick this off with a quote from our Annual Report, which was released in June 2017:

We have called the report Transformative Humanities. This is to indicate that the humanities are undergoing major changes not just in Sweden but also in many countries in the world. The Division is very much part of these changes, and we have tried to influence them and give direction to them. These changes are also affecting us, we believe largely for the better. It is also to state that the humanities are in themselves transformative – they are part of changing the world we live in, hopefully also for the better. We are part of this transformative work and we embrace that, which is a seminal point of departure for our strategy and thinking as a Division. For us in the humanities, these are challenging times but also exciting times, when societal recognition and to some extent also support for the kind of humanities that we do seem to be on the rise.

Professor Sverker Sörlin, co-head of the Division,
Annual Report 2015 – 2016
Transformative Humanities

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