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Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives 

Considering the current state of global and American affairs re the environment in general and climate in particular, I think we can humbly hope that this special issue has come out when it did to contribute to the debate about mediating and narrating environmental issues through popular communication (from film, music and literature to FB, news and TV). /Miyase Christensen

(2018). Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives. Environmental Communication: Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 1-6.

You better not miss that Environmental Communications recently published an article with big represenation from our Division. Our guest professor and researcher Miyase Christensen is the author of the article together with co-editors Anna Åberg, who defended at the Division in 2013, researcher Susanna Liström who is currently on parental leave in San Diego and researcher Katarina Larsen who among other things is in charge of our Higher Seminars.

You can access the article by going here : Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives: Environmental Communication: Vol 12, No 1