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Gaspar reporting from the final presentation of eParel

Hi, this is Gaspar reporting from the final presentation of eParel!

It has been a very interesting project, where we have been able to deliver solutions to a start-up company based in New York.

We are very glad of our work and presentation. Our team has worked very hard in conjunction to the client, which has shown its gratefulness for helping grow the company in its early stages.

The whole team has really enjoyed the fact of having a direct impact on the company development with what we have produced, and this has made of eParel a difficult but really worthy project to work on!

Needless to say is that we have missed Jun very much! The other member from KTH that could not join us physically, but he was there assisting on live videoconference the presentation!

Ashish reporting from the final reception

Hey, this is Ashish reporting from the final day of ICON conference at LIU Post.

The conference came to an end with a grand dinner gathering. Consultants from different countries expressed their love on ICON in their native language and we had 12 different languages. Graziela thanked the consultants for their effort, the clients for the interesting projects and the whole ICON team for making the ICON LIU 2019 conference a grand success.

Malavika reporting from the final presentation for client Aramark

Hi, this is Vika reporting from the fourth day of the ICON spring convention in New York.

The day we have been most looking forward to, preparing for the last 4 months is finally here! I am part of the Aramark project and my team consists of 6 members from 3 different universities in 3 different time zones. The last 4 months have been a series of Skype calls, very early in the morning for some, very late in the night for some others. All the team work, motivation and dedication was for today, the day we present our proposals to the client, Aramark.

All dolled up in formals, we met the Aramark operations team and and ICON management team at the LIU Post Campus Library conference room at 10:15 AM to begin the presentation process. The presentation lasted for 2 hours and incorporated suggested solutions for improving maintenance schedules at Aramark’s client locations. We further suggested marketing strategies for the company to improve the client’s perception of Aramark as a facilities management company.

The Aramark employees were very interactive and started interesting discussions on some of the solutions suggested by us. It was a very important learning moment for us, as the solutions suggested were theoretical and based on analysis done on other similar companies. But the feedback we received from Aramark taught us about the practical issues of certain solutions and opened our eyes towards a trickier problem: Government Regulations.

All in all, the Aramark team was greatly impressed by our in-depth analysis. As said by one of the Aramark employees “We usually have a broader approach and implement solutions on a broader scale, but you guys dug deeper into the issues and this will help us make decisions on a lower scale, helping us save more money and labour costs”.

The 4 months of hard work truly paid off when the client said “We are spell bound by all your work”.

Linda reporting from the fifth day of the ICON spring convention

Hi! This is Linda reporting live from LIU Post.

Today we had our final presentations with our client and it went very well. I had really looked forward to meeting the client in person and it was great finally presenting the material in real life.

After the presentation we had the closing dinner and we got to talk and get to know the client further. In conclusion the day was amazing!

Ximena reporting from her final presentation with client Dare to be rare

Hey! This is Ximena reporting from LIU Post campus in NY and in our fifth and last day of ICON we finally had our final presentation to the client.

I worked in the “Dare to be rare” project and Dona, Ashley and Renee were there to hear about our recommendations and research. They were very happy with our results, they even stopped us at one point to take photos of the presentation because they were too excited. We are really happy with the clients and they were really satisfied with out work. It was the perfect way to end a 13 week long project and to close this week on a happy note.

Yanina reporting from her final presentation for Canon Solutions America

Hello this is Yanina reporting from the ICON Spring Cycle in NY.

Today we finally present our 13 weeks research. The presentation last around one hour and the discussion and final talk extended to around one hour and a half.

Our client was Canon Solutions America. They were very happy with the final proposal. The expectations were met and we cannot be happier!

It has been a really amazing experience, working with an international group is priceless.

Ximena shares her experiences from the fourth day of the ICON convention

Hey! This is Ximena and our fourth day of the ICON conference was great!

We had to leave LIU Post campus at 7:30 am so we could get on time to our designated time for the tour of the Federal Reserve Bank. We had to split in two groups and while the first one went inside to start their tour the other half went on a walking tour to Wall Street with and economics LIU teacher. Once inside we learned about the Federal Reserve Bank and their gold vaults.

It was very interesting to learn more about American economy and the reasons behind this “bank for banks”. Next we were off to the UN headquarters, however we had a little problem with the bus. When they were supposed to pick us up at the Federal Reserve Bank we learned the bus broke down and we had to go by Uber.

Once we got to the UN headquarters we could see were all the delegates meet to discuss important matters. After the tours we had some free time in which LIU students showed us the city and some of us ended up in Chelsea for a little sightseeing of the New York City skyline and to grab some lunch. We headed back to the LIU Post campus to finish preparing for the final presentation and to rest after a long day walking New York City.

Yanina reporting from the visit to the UN Headquarters

Hello, this is Yanina reporting about the visit to the United Nations (UN) Headquarters that we had today during the fourth day of the ICON spring convention.

 Today during the visit, we had a tour around the facilities of the UN. The day was perfectly sunny and the view of the city from there was beautiful.
We went to three different conference rooms as the General Assembly. During the tour, we discussed the importance of the institution and the Sustainability Development Goals.

Finally, we had a very inspirational speech and discussion with Dr. Hamid Rashid who is the Chief, Development Research at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) at the UN in New York. The discussion was about the economic development and how artificial intelligence is shaping our future, and how we today more than ever we have to ask ourselves about the role of humanity and how are we using our free will. ​

Visiting the United Nations Headquarters

Today the whole ICON group visited the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York. First we started off with a UN guided tour where we had the opportunity to see the Security Council Chamber and the General Assembly Hall and receive information about the three pillars of the UN – Human Rights, Peace and Security, and Development. We also touched on topics like the UN peacekeeping, human rights and nuclear weapons.

The day at the UN ended with a one hour briefing and discussion with Hamid Rashid, Chief at the UN Development Research Branch. His field of expertise includes macroeconomic policies, international finance, financial market liberalization and their impact on economic growth and development.


Exploring New York City and visiting the Federal Reserve Bank

Hello! This is Ghea reporting from the fourth day of ICON Spring Convention. In this perfect sunny weather the agenda of the day was company visit and exploring New York City! We left at 8 in the morning from Long Island to our first destination: Federal Reserve Bank.

Before we entered the building, we spent half an hour strolling Wallstreet with Mr. Christopher Bates, Adjunct Professor of Finance and Criminal Justice in LIU who was also experienced working in New York Stock Exchange. He guided us in the area and told some historical facts related to American stock market.

After that we visited the Federal Reserve Bank. We had a guided tour in the museum for about an hour, learned about the history of the bank, brief explanation about how they implement monetary policy, supervise and regulate financial institutions in the United States of America. We also got the opportunity to be in the gold vault that lies 80 feet below the street level. In the end of the session, we were also invited by 2 legal officer to have discussion and ask them questions. Overall this is a very impressive museum tour! Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photos inside the building for security reason.