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Key dates and events after application

The admission results of Fall Semester 2018 have been released on Congratulations and a warm welcome to all admitted students! For the most up-to-date deadlines, please go to my recent blog: Key dates and events after admission

As the first round of university application in Sweden ended last week on 15th January, I hope that all of you have filed your application on time! While enjoying your post-application time, here are some important dates and events that you won’t want to miss:

Release of Admission Results

It is the most pressing issue in mind, right? According to the, the the admission results will be released on 24th March, 2017. Additionally, it is possible that your department would send a preliminary notification to you approximately a week before. If yes, you had an extremely high chance to be admitted to that program. If not, also don’t worry (because not all the departments do so), keep calm and wait till 24th March.

Acceptance of an Offer and Payment of Tuition Fee tells you that you should reply to your offer at the latest before 12th April, 2017. However, my suggestion would be to accept your offer and keep your seat even if you were undecided at that time. For the non-European students, the deadline of tuition fee payment, usually the end of May (the exact date will be announced after the release of admission results) , would act as the de facto deadline of acceptance/denial of your offer.

Application of Residence Permit (applicable to non-European students)

If you are not an European citizen, you must obtain a residence permit before you enter Sweden. Once the tuition fee is paid, it is suggested that the residence permit should be applied as soon as possible. The good news is, it is relatively convenient with only 3 steps:

Step 1 :Fill in the online application form at Swedish Migration Agency

Step 2: Once your application is accepted (typically takes 2 weeks), visit the local Swedish embassy for personal data recording

Step 3: Pick up residence permit card at the local Swedish embassy (typically 2 weeks after step 2)


If you are a non-European student, congratulations as your accommodation is guaranteed by KTH! The exact application date and deadline are not announced yet (but usually the end of June), so now you could visit KTH Accommodation to see what kind of services it offers.

On the other hand, if you come from an European countries, it is highly recommended to start looking for your own accommodation as soon as you got admitted. You should register ASAP at, Stockholm’s Student Accommodation, and start queuing for a student room at a lower-than-market price.

Below is a summary of the links that might be useful for you:

  1. Key dates and deadlines for admission:
  2. How to apply for a residence permit:
  3. Website of Swedish Migration Agency (through which you submit your online residence permit application):
  4. KTH Accommodation:
  5. Stockholm’s Student Accommodation (SSSB):

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