Spring can’t be far behind: Photos of Stockholm in March

The switch from standard clock to European Summer Time is in effective since last Sunday, which is a move that symbolizes the arrival of spring in most of the continent, as I was told. But the weather is merciless: we experienced a day of snow shower yesterday and are expected to see more today. Hmm…..might be the variation in weather and temperature itself is a part of spring!

I remember that three weeks ago when I rambled across the old town, I witnessed how those gigantic ice cubes that once reigned over the Baltic sea, melted for the first time since December:

Two weeks ago I was in the forest near Lappis with my bike. Notice the harmonious co-existence of white snow on the road and the verdancy in the background:

Last week I went a little bit far away to the Queen’s Palace in Queens’s Island, which lies in the western part of Stockholm. It was a fabulous day with brilliant sunshine, fresh air, cool breeze, royal architecture and furniture……and of course a lot of tourists. But it doesn’t imply that you can picnic outdoor (indeed we tried to keep moving when we were outdoor to prevent ourselves from being frozen). Though looking at the photos, it is already “summerly”!

As a newcomer from mid-Southern China I am surprised in the beginning that I don’t see any blossom or even green new leaves from trees in this season. That’s because it is the wild flower that dominates! Most of them blossom in the soil given that sunlight is accessible, but sometimes it requires some serendipity to spot them:

Patch of winter aconite in my neighborhood

Valley of Glory of the Snow on the way to Stockholm University

Crocus in light and dark purple in the back garden of Queen’s Palace

So, spring can’t be far behind 🙂

tianlin 2017/03/30