Welcome to Sweden!


After years of undergraduate study, months of painstaking school-hunting and weeks of filing endless application forms,  you are carefully selected among thousands of highly qualified candidates and are finally invited to Stockholm now. Here is the a short and warm welcome from our president, Sigbritt Karlsson:

When I look backwards in time, 2016/03/24 is one of the turning points in my life. In the past few months, I bought 1 bike, learned 2 languages, studied in 3 universities, and met 19 amazing classmates; I opened my own blog, baked my first cake and produced my first lenti-crispr construct……Are you looking forward to your own future in Sweden as well?

Below you will find some links, which might help you a little bit to understand this wonderful country that you are going to study, as well as other tips that might be helpful for some common questions (e.g. residence permit, housing) related to life in Sweden.

About Sweden, about Stockholm

  1. https://sweden.se is a comprehensive website introducing all faces of this amazing country
  2. http://www.stockholm.se/KulturFritid/ explores Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia. (It is most visited site by me as well)
  3. If you have never been to Sweden before, Health Care In Sweden from our student blogger Abhineet Tomar, the sustainability series from Divya Hariramani and my previous blog Encounter Gender Equality in Sweden will probably give you more ideas about the pillars of this country: social welfare, sustainability and equality

Tips and Advice

  1. https://www.kth.se/en/student/studentliv can answer nearly all of the questions that you might have, but for more specific, such as:
  2. If you are an European student, and need to rent a room before you come, check our blogger Tomas Albrecht‘s post House Hunting in Stockholm;  if you are non-European and not sure how you should apply for a residence permit, read his detailed blog How to Get the Residence Permit
  3. (A strong advice) Follow our Facebook page KTH International Students to get the most updated, useful and official information!

For MTLS students

  1. You may find detailed description about courses that you are going to have in the autumn semester 2017 in my page TO THE PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS as well as the post Course Review: Genetics of our student ambassador Carolina at Karolinska Institute
  2. To learn more about student life at Karolinska Institute, read its students’ blogs: https://studentblogski.wordpress.com/about/
  3. Already eager to be connected the research atmosphere in Stockholm? Events at Sci-Life-Lab, which is our cooperation institute, seminars from The Royal Swedish Academy of Science will definitely interest you
  4. Call-up Week: starting this week, you will receive a phone call from our current students. But don’t be nervous: it is our little tradition in order to reach, greet and welcome the new students! The first phone call will start on 29th March. So, do pick up your phone 🙂

See you in Stockholm! 😀