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After officially accepting the offer, accommodation becomes the first thing in mind of many. In these days, I received a handful of questions from prospective students regarding the choice of dormitory at KTH accommodation. For those international students, you are so lucky: KTH guarantees the first year of accommodation for all fee-paying/scholarship international students at a lower-than-market price, the capital city of Stockholm where the local rental market is always over-heated.

Three things will be covered in this blog: location of dormitories, types of accommodation (studio, corridor, shared apartment) and accommodation after the first year.


KTH@accomodation provides student dormitories at a handful of spots in the city. For your convenience, I listed them as number 1 to 12, with the relative position to three of the universities in Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and Karolinska Institute.

Click the link: for detailed view

(Just put your mouse on the ion and travel information of the apartment will be displayed. Notice that the hostel in Farsta Strand are no longer in use)

Among them:

  • 2 , 4 and 11 are located in KTH campus, without a doubt they are the most popular choice among students. Therefore, my advice is to apply via KTH@accomodation as soon as possible and state your preference clearly, if you want to live in the campus!
  • 8 and 9 are located along the same metro line as KTH and SU, so they are also convenient! Besides, 9 holds the largest student community here, inside you will be able to find bar, barbecue sites and of course mingle with a lot of students from all corner of the world!
  • 10 lies in the heart of Stockholm, you will be in the proximity of supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries, sport hall and swimming pools…..all that you may imagine! With metro KTH can be reached within half an hour.
  • 3, 7, 12 would be your choice if you will have most of your courses in Kista campus.
  • 5 would not be bad if your study is related to health sciences which are conducted in KTH Huddinge campus.
  • 1 and 6 are far away from the city, in most cases only exchange students would be allocated there.


There are 3 types of rooms available via KTH@accomodation: studio, single corridor room and shared room. Each of them have pros and cons:

  • Studio: perfect if you give priority to privacy and conveniency. Moreover, the kitchenette would be more than enough for one person. The only drawback that I can think of is that it is not possible to invite a lot of friends for a party, as there is no common area in the hostel and the area of room is limited (~23 m2)

Newly built studios at Osqualdas Väg in KTH campus

  • Single corridor room is the most prevalent type of hostel here in Sweden. You will have a kitchen and a common dinning/resting area shared by 12 people on the same floor. The good news is you will still have your own bathroom and toilet. On the other side, the most common complaints would be 1) cleaning duty and rules find obstacles in implementation in the kitchen and 2) not enough storage space in the fridge.

A common kitchen in a corridor in Lappis

  • Shared room: unlike in Hong Kong, shared room is not the majority here. There are two subtypes of shared rooms, namely “one-room apartment” and “two-room apartment”.Many readers have told me their names are a bit confusing! Hope that this illustration can help you:

As you may see, one-room apartment has two beds in the shared space while two-room apartment has two separate bedrooms. Therefore, it would be the most economical way if you have a good friend to live with!


SSSB, which refers to Stockholms Studentbostäder (Stockholm’s Student Housing) will undoubtedly be your next step after one-year contract with KTH Accommodation. In order to get a room in SSSB and have a smooth transition, here are some points about SSSB that you need to notice:

  • Specificity

SSSB provides housing ONLY for those who hold a union membership in any of the tertiary institutes in Stockholm. A union membership can be easily be activated at THS, the student union at KTH after your student registration. Click this link to see how: 

***For MTLS students, they may activate the membership to school where the individual semester is registered.

  • Facility

All rooms from KTH@accomodation are well-furnished, if  you are lucky you can even move in without buying anything extra. In contrary, most rooms from are not furnished. (Literally it is an empty room).

  • Availability

At,  rooms are allocated according to the applicants with the highest number of credit days. The reality is cruel, especially at the end of an academic year:

This is the most updated offers from, it is shown that there are only 25 rooms available in the entire Stockholm in May 2017. In order to get a single corridor room, at least one year of queuing is necessary (250-350 points). It is strongly advised that you start register at SSSB as early as possible (the earliest can be 90 days prior to your student registration).

I hope that this includes the most important things you need to know about KTH@accomodation. I believe that all of you will find your ideal place to live in Stockholm 😉

Below is a summary of the links mentioned in this blog:

1. KTH accommodation

2. Globuzzer‘s map of KTH accommodation:

*** This cool map was recommended by comments I received. I find it extremely practical especially in the commuting information, therefore I put it here. In addition, Globuzzer is part of KTH Innovation, click here to learn more about it if you are curious!

3. Available apartment on

4. Activate your union membership at THS:

5. Start registering at SSSB now:



16 thoughts on “All about KTH Accomodation”

  1. Hey Tianlin, the room in the third image looks really good. Where is it located?

    By the way, what tools did you use to draw the location icons? Looks…er…funky.

  2. Hi Shuhan it is a room in Björksätra, which I would not personally recommend due to its location. Though no worries, rooms available via KTH@accomodation should look similar to this one, as they are all furnished. Hmm…I agree with your opinion about the location ions. I should have done it manually (I am trying now too). Or, do you have any good alternatives?

  3. Oh I see. Would the room in Skrapan be smaller since it is located near the city centre? Regarding the icons, have you heard of Inkscape? It is a very versatile tool. Check out tutorial on youtube. You can even use it to make high quality diagrams for posters and publications.

  4. Hi Tianlin,
    As an no-fees-paying student from the European Union I would like to ask if it is possible to apply for a KTH accommodation?

  5. Visit and post your questions about KTH and Stockholm to get them answered in 10 minutes.

  6. Visit and post your questions about KTH and Stockholm to get them answered in 10 minutes.

  7. Hi Max I am sorry that the answer is “no” for you.
    Therefore my suggestion for you would be to start queuing with as early as in June, so that you will get enough credit points which entitles you to about half year after you start studying in Stockholm.

  8. Hello.

    I’m quite confused about “KTH@accomodation ONLY serves for first-year non-European fee-paying students”.

    I am European student of EIT Digital programme. : ” The following groups are guaranteed housing from KTH Accommodation: (…)
    -Joint Master Programme students: Erasmus Mundus (including NordSecMob), EIT, and Nordic Five Tech”

    Does KTH guarantee me the accommodation?

  9. Yes you are right, you would be guaranteed housing by KTH accommodation.
    The “non-European integration students” mentioned in the blog is rather a broad term, because they are the main users of KTH accommodation.
    I am sorry for the confusion brought to you!
    It is very nice that you look up the exact terms and conditions in KTH accommodation’s website!

  10. Thanks tianlin for your answer.
    Another question: how fast is it possible to become a student member, which is mandatory to maintain in the waiting queue At sssb, since I have only 90 days without a membership. If it is only a few days after the arrival days i can sign up at sssb right-away.
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Max: After you register as an active at KTH in the beginning of September, you can apply for a THS membership online. You will have the membership immediately after your payment is accepted. So it should not take too long!

  12. Hi Tianlin,

    I have received an email from SSSB regarding the payment of the student union membership, otherwise I will lose all the credit I have collected so far.
    I am not coming before August, is there a way to pay the membership by a transfer ?

  13. Hi Jihane!
    Try this website:, it is the KTH student union official payment website which allows payment by card.
    Just to remind you that the prerequisite for being a student union member is usually a valid registration at KTH, so I am not sure if it works on new student of the upcoming school year.
    Therefore, could you tell me if it works? 😛

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