Be a part of Stockholm Culture Night!

29/04/2017 to 01/05/2017 is something more than a long weekend: here in Stockholm, we celebrate the Culture Night “Kulturnatt Stockholm” on Saturday. As a foreign science student who has just spent her last seven months here, it is such a unique experience that deepens my understanding in art, and of course also the city!

The event encompasses all forms of art that you may imagine: classical music, opera performance, film, photography, sculpture……From 6 PM to 12 AM, hundreds of culture hot spots in the city, including churches, opera houses, concert halls, galleries, museums, are open and the admission is at all free. Therefore, to participate in which events is just a matter of time and your predilection.

I started from the concert hall in Stockholm. Fortunately, I was just in time for Schumann’s piano quintet by 5 talented teenagers from Nordiska Musikgymnasiet.

I could have spent more time in concert hall for the guided tour, but I didn’t, as the events in the Royal Opera House looks so attractive (I’ve never been to one before!) When I arrived, I found myself in a music salon held in a crystal palace: it is called the “goldest rum”.

Dancing is inseparable from culture, right? That’s why my next stop is the City Hall, where a large-scale swing dance club is taking place. Hundreds of couples were dancing under the guidance of a pair of professional dancers in the rhythm of chic-chat-chat. As dancing is not really my cup of tea, I made use of this opportunity to visit the rooms in concert hall, which are normal restricted to tourists.

I would argue that the most spectacular thing that I experienced in the night is the Royal Palace in the old town, where Stockholm’s symphony orchestra performed religious music in the Royal Chapel inside. Because it is so popular, I had to queue along the spiral staircase for 15 mins. At the end of the staircase, we were greeted by the waiters dressed in eighteenth century costumes.

Without a doubt, the Nobel Prize as a integrated part in Swedish culture, can’t be absent in the culture night. In the center of the old city, the Nobel Museum is open for all visitors. In addition to regular exhibitions, there are live music performance, film display, and popular science lecture from scientists in the Nobel committee.

Besides music and dancing, there are tens of visual art exhibitions across the city, especially in Södermalm, the trendiest region of Stockholm. For example, this one is an underground punk bar near Medborgarplatsen:

Below you will find more photos I took:

Cello Solo in the Concert Hall

Podium of the Royal Opera

Cocktail Party in the City Hall

The “Viking Room” in the City Hall. Did you notice the ceiling?

Jazz and Nobel can match!

Orchestra performing in the Royal Church

An Art Gallery in Södermalm

Hope you enjoying seeing these 😉

tianlin 30/04/2017

2 thoughts on “Be a part of Stockholm Culture Night!”

  1. Göteborg is my to-go city, but man, this article opened up my eyes to “The Big Sister”. I am sure that if I put the effort I could also find plenty of, almost as, cool and interesting things to do here. But I doubt I could find something to top off the Nobel Prize gala, the Royal Palace or dinnig in a Viking Room. Kind of sugen about moving to the other side of the country now! 🙂

  2. Hi Miguel!
    It is also my first time to visit the Nobel Museum, Royal Palace and the Viking room in 7 months! Actually I have the same feeling as you: I am living in such a cool city and there should be a lot of things awaiting me to explore!
    I believe you will have a great time in Göteborg as well: he little sister can’t be too bad 😉

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