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Are you the next KTH blogger?

After reading my blogs for a while, now it is your chance to become a KTH blogger for the coming academic year, yes, KTH Royal Institute of Technology its recruiting three new bloggers!

Although you can easily find the official recruitment in this website, I would like to share my personal experience in the recruitment procedures, the actual “blogging” and more you may concern as an applicant!

First, let me go through the most important points:

  • Eligibility: You must be an active student at KTH studying in an international master degree (joint programs also count!)
  • Application Deadline: 15 August, 2017
  • How to apply: send your CV and 2 sample blog posts to
  • Working Period: from Sep. 2017 to June 2018
  • Number of Positions: 3 (one blogger for general study and life, one for the Sustainability Office at KTH, and one for KTH Youtube channel)


The selection: what are the qualities that you should possess?

1. It is clearly mentioned that

No, you don’t have to be a native English speaker in order to be competent for this job; in the opposite, none of our 6 bloggers come from a pure English-speaking society. My feeling is, it is more important to articulate your thoughts in a reader-friendly and amusing way!

2.  In the first round of selection, you need to:

I remember that my instantaneous reaction was “it is a job for me!” when I first saw the recruitment last year. Coincidently, I used to write a personal blog: tinaheblog which introduced the front-lining development in biomedicine and engineering during my undergraduate study. What’s more, I was also a culture ambassador of the Art Museum at my previous university. I believe that these two experiences make me stand out.

On the other hand, each of the current student blogger has their own advantages: Abhineet always knows what students really need: all of his posts are informative and popular; Divya has an extremely acute sense in issues regarding sustainability; Tomas studies Interactive Media Technology, therefore he is proficient at integrating all sorts of media technologies and designing a lot of beautiful pictures for his posts; Isabelle has German, Hungarian and Swedish background, hence she can give useful advice from both international and native perspectives…..Everybody is unique, you have to find out your shining points!

3. Also, it is stressed that:

No, I know neither Photoshop nor how to edit a video (Well, probably Abhineet or Tomas does). While knowledge or experience in media processing is definitely a plus, this job emphasizes more on capturing meaningful events, recording real moments in your life and study at KTH, and giving useful tips to incoming students than editing photos.


The tasks

1. Of course, the main task will be:

Trust me, it is much harder than composing two English essays per week. You will find fulfilling this requirement especially demanding during these two periods: the exam week and vacation time.

2. The tasks also include:

Indeed, this is my favorite part of this job: it gives me a huge sense of fulfillment and elation when my intellectual work is appreciated! By far, all of the comments I received are contributive, and I really enjoying being able to help others when I answer inquiries from the inbox messages.

3. Once you are a blogger, you also have the chance to:

It is such real fun! You may refer to my previous blog Recording a week on Instagram about this experience. By the way, I am curating the account this week (24 July 2017), so don’t hesitate to have a look: But if you don’t like using Ig, this task is not mandatory 😉

4. I regard the fourth task as a retreat rather than an assignment:

During the monthly get-together we have a relaxing dinner with other bloggers and Daniel, sharing anecdotes in free-time and at school. Our last meeting is the farewell party of the year, we were playing Småbullar and barbecuing in an outdoor bar near a beach!

Photo from kthinternationalstudents

The benefits

  1. When you are writing blog or curating the Instagram account, of course you get monetary compensation for your work

  2. The job experience acts as a concrete proof of your proficiency in English writing, ability to manage a social media account, which will certainly in favor of you

  3. I spent on average 4.5 hours in composing a single blog post. But “devil” is in the preparation: in order to dig deep enough into the topic, I visit the museum, participate into public events, read books, look up in Swedish website……In this process, I also add value into myself.

  4. The best part of this job is the capability to help others, predominantly the prospective students of KTH. I can’ t be even happier by reading the messages or comments like “your blog has helped me a lot…” 😉

4 thoughts on “Are you the next KTH blogger?”

  1. haha, nice to get your update.
    I am a potential applicant for a master program in KTH.
    Every time I read your blog, I feel more familar with KTh.
    Thanks for your efforts~

    Yantai, Shandong, China

  2. Thanks for your comment as well, Renping!
    Do you know that you are the FIRST prospective student from mainland China that leave a comment here! This is a move that makes me so excited and feel warm 😉
    For regular updates you may also follow my blog using your email address (though I can’t guarantee that the forward plugin always works)
    Good luck with your application! (I am sure that you will, as few are so proactive as you are XD)

  3. haha thanks! In fact to become a good blogger is much more than that!

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