New Strix: your best chance to live in a studio in Stockholm

Are you an active university student?

Are you a member of a student union of any universities in Stockholm?

Are you looking for an affordable accommodation?

If your answers are “YES” of these questions, then this blog is for you!

Before I enter the main topic, please give me a few lines to elaborate my story a little bit: I have terminated my rental contract with KTH accommodation since June, consequently I start to look for long-term accommodation since then. Obviously becomes my most visited website. SSSB is the abbreviation of Stockholm’s Student Housing, which provides accommodation to students whenever they accumulate enough credit points (calculated as 1 day of membership of student union = 1 point, they are neither additive nor transferable). After a few days surfing in, I find myself too naïve: in July, the pressure of  house hunting on the website is unprecedentedly high. Let me give you an example:

3422 credit days, in another word, I was not even a high school student when this person registered in That is almost a decade ago!

Fortunately, at the end of June, there are 122 rooms, including 105 studio apartment and 17 two-room apartments (OBS not two-bedroom apartment) available on in New Strix, Solna in Stockholm. A few days ago, I joined the opening day of New Strix, inspected the site (still under construction) and had an inside look at their show room. Now, prepare yourself for a barrage of photos!

About New Strix

  1. New Strix is located in Solna, North of Stockholm, the closest university is Karolinska Institute with 15 to 20 minutes by bus.
  2. It contains two building , House B (brick-red) and House C (yellow). The 122 available rooms are all in House C. The construction of House B will be competed by the end of this year.
  3. There are two types of room:

1) Studio apartment with pantry: 20 m2, rent from 5042 to 5531 SEK/month

2) Two room apartment: 34 m2, rent from 7999 to 8488 SEK/month


  1. Most of its apartments have fantastic view towards the city of Solna, because there are no other skyscrapers in the region:
  2. If you study in Karolinska Institute, New Strix is the best place to live; even if you study in Stockholm University or KTH, it is not a bad choice, as both of them are located in the North of Stockholm, taking slightly more than 30 minutes for communication.
  3. The  roomsare very practical with big fridge, spacious toilet and shower, broad window.

4. The pantry is modern with clear-cut design, in total the style of New Strix is absolutely nordic and fancy: with only three colors: pure white, metal grey and ceramic black.

5. The last, but the most important advantage is: based on the existing figures in waiting list on, fewer credit days are required for getting a room in New Strix than anywhere else!


  1. Compared with other older student housing offered by SSSB, the average rent is around 1000 SEK higher. Also, charge of electricity and warm water is NOT included in the rent (the latter is rather rare in SSSB).
  2. The average area of the apartments (20 m2 for studio, 20 m2 for two-room) is relatively small among other student housing.
  3. Windows of half of the rooms face the North, while the other half face the East, making it not optimal for Swedish weather: one will get little sunshine in winter.

Message For You

After going through all these above, it is your time to decide whether to bid for New Strix or not!

Remember to register your interest of the apartment(s) that you want to live in before 4 PM on 10th of July!