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Key dates and events after arrival

With the annual KTH arrival day has only one day to go, Sweden will welcome its first branch of students —- that are you, in the academic year 2017 – 2018. At the same time last year, I was excited, panic; but with a lot of suggestions, my first year is totally a fulfillment of my exception. Now, I will list the key dates and events that you cannot miss upon your arrival in Sweden, plus the suggestions from my personal experience last year!

Events in a Timeline

Personnummer? PersonID? Registration? What comes first? Below is the “events in a timeline” that I organize, with explanations.

1. Registration at KTH

In order to apply for a Personnummer, it is mandatory that you will stay more than 12 months in Sweden: that usually requires a proof that you engages in a study programme here in Sweden. Consequently, you must register yourself as a student of KTH at the end of August, to be entitled to most civil rights in the country!

2. Applying for a Personnummer (Swedish civic registration number)

Personnummer is a your assigned number when you are registered at the population registration by the Tax agency. It is widely used in every aspects of the society, from grocery shopping to renting an apartment. Most importantly, you only need to pay the same medical expense as a Swedish citizen once you have a personnummmer.

You can either 1) visit the Tax Agency’s pop up office set up on campus at 11 AM, 8 September     2) visit the Tax Agency in person as soon as your register at KTH. Click this link and search for the nearest tax agency office. The waiting time is often a few weeks, after that you will receive a letter sent to your registered address.

Remember to bring your passport, your rental contract, insurance, a proof of study record (study registration), and the residence permit card!

3. Obtaining an ID Card

Not all my friends have an ID card, especially those who are EU citizen. But you will eventually find it more convenient e.g. when you have a part-time job here. You will be able to apply for a person ID card once you receive your personnummer. Notice that not all tax agencies offer this service; if you live in Stockholm, you have to visit the tax agency in Kungsholmen and collect the card in person after a few weeks. Its  address and opening time are listed below:

Address: Lindhagensgatan 76 Kungsholmen

Opening hours: 10 to 6 on Monday, 10 to 4 from Tuesday to Friday

OBS! This service costs 400 SEK. The easiest way is to 1) go to the Tobak shop opposite to the registration building, 2) say that you need to pay for an ID card 3) keep the receipt and show it to the officer later.

Updating your information

Upon getting a personnummer, don’t forget to update your personal information at these two places:

KTH database of student record

Send an Email to stating 1) your name, 2) your study programme 3) your existing temporary registration number 4) your new personnummer

OBS! For MTLS students, you also need to notify the KI database by repeating the above steps.

Stockholm’s Student Housing (SSSB)

Simply login into your account at and change your personal information there. If you don’t do this, the organization may fail to recognize that you are a union member even if you have paid.

Other Important Events

Below are not mandatory, only my personal recommendation 😉

Student Union Day

It is a golden opportunity to know more about the student union THS: what they offer, which kinds of activities or clubs that you are interested in, and what you can do. They offer nice souvenirs as well!

Day: 25 August, from 10 to 3

Location: Nymble (near KTH Entry)

KTH Welcoming Reception for New Students

Besides meeting our presidents and your classmates in the coming two years, you will have the chance to see in interior of the City Hall, the place where annual Nobel Banquet is held, which is not open to the public normally.

Day: 27 August, from 5 or 7 pm to 10 pm (two openings)

Location: Stockholm City Hall

Activities organized by THS

In the entire August, THS will organize numerous orientation activities for the new comers to know the city and people. Look at this calendar.

Below are the links that you may refer to:

  1. Why you need a Personnummer (KTH):
  2. Official website of Tax agency about Personnummer:
  3. Official website of Tax agency about ID card:
  4. THS’s website:
  5. Introduction programme at KTH: