New at KTH: the Main Campus

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is made up of 4 campuses scattering across the city, the main campus refers to the one in Valhallavägen, which is comparable to the size of the entire Old Town of Stockholm! Besides the size, KTH main campus is viewed as the most beautiful one in the region by many. For those who do not have a chance to visit the campus and repine for it, welcome to join the virtual campus tour with me!

Immediately upon stepping out from the metro station Tekniska Högskolan, the KTH main building is the first thing that greets you. Indeed, this building is a hallmark of KTH and guards the traffic to the rest of the campus. Its pulchritude remains unchanged in time, while renews in the rotation of seasons:

Left to the main building stands the KTH entré, which is in charge of arrival service, registration, KTH accommodation, IT support. Hundreds of flags from all nations in the world reveals an international and energetic dimension of KTH in such a historical campus:

Walking on the cobbles-paved Drottning Kristinas Väg (Queen Kristina’s Road) is one of most enjoyable way to start a day. Somehow, the ivy growing on the facade of the corridor is an indicator of the season, the weather, and may also be a presage of the mood of the pedestrians:

Along DKV you will find the School of Architecture, the nominee for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards. Though constructed with stainless steel, cement and glass, its existence is surprisingly in harmony with the surrounding:

Just a supplement: KTH School of Architecture ranks the 23rd in the world

The main library is located behind the School of Architecture. Its most recent renovation was completed in September 2016, whose purpose is to return more space back to its users, for discussion, study and a repose. Unlike most of other libraries, group discussion is not limited inside individual rooms, but can be carried out under this gigantic dome:

In addition, the library has multiple roles: it holds THS Armada, which is the largest career fair in Scandinavia; many other major events also takes here, such as the first International Virtual Reality Science Festival this May (detailed in my previous blog), the Life Technology Day last week, and the annual Lucia Fest!

During the International VR Festival

If you turn right at the library, it leads you to the courtyard of KTH: everything in front of you is just remarkable. The lawn, the red-brick castle, the fountain bring you back in time, making it hard to realize that the whole structure were built only a century  ago:


The biggest event that is held in the courtyard must be the firework display in September. In 2017, it is scheduled on Wednesday this week, when the blooming of thousands of firework will light up the sky, accompanied by performance of the University Symphony and University College of Opera:

The detail of the event is as below:

Date: 6th September 2017, Wednesday 

Time: 19 – 21

Location: Royal Pyrotechnics Courtyard, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Host: Professor Sten Ternström

If you make a 90-degree turn, you will be passing through this gargantuan archway. In the alternation of light and shadow, a hundred years glides so easily:

Now, you are standing on the cross road between the gloria pass and prominent future of KTH: the archway serves as the passage from the historical and artistic part of the campus, to Dom of Vision, a glass, spherical incarnation of the impending world of science and technology.

Although the virtual campus tour ends here, the beauty of KTH extends further:

****Photos adapted from Instagram account KTH International Students and Facebook page KTH International Students