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Don’t miss anything at KTH Campus 100

Next week 16th – 20th October, KTH Campus at Valhallavägen will celebrate its 100th birthday.

KTH is the cradle of 1/3 of research and education in engineering in Sweden and at the same time proud of its motto “Science and Art“: you must be curious about how these scientists and engineers will celebrate this once-in-a-century monument. Check this post so that you won’t miss anything happening during this special week!

Of course, most of the events will take place at KTH campus, that is the closest to the centre of Stockholm.

During 16th October (Monday) to 20th October (Friday), seminars, exhibitions and guided tours will be held in the classrooms, auditoriums, labs and in the open areas of the campus: literally, science and art will be circulating all around!


SEMINAR MARATHON: 100 lecturers in 50 hours

The Seminar Marathon that takes place in the Dome of Vision is definitely the pinnacle of the KTH Campus 100 celebrations. For 50 hours, 100 luminaries take the turn to deliver a 30-min lecture each. The topics of the lectures cover these areas:

Some of the speakers

Christer Fuglesang: first Swedish astronaut, Professor and Director of KTH Space Center.

Uhlén Mathius: Pioneer of Next Generation Sequencing, Professor of Microbiology at KTH.

Location: Dome of Vision, KTH Campus

Date: 12: 00, 2017-10-17 (Tue)  – 14:00,  2017-10-19 (Thr)

Registration: Not required


The event will be live streamed through the above link.

Dome of Vision, KTH Valhallavägen


Connected to Science and Art, KTH organizes two types of guided tours: LAB TOURS and CAMPUS TOURS.

Lab Tours

Given that KTH is where the first nuclear reaction in Sweden took place, you can never imagine how many spectacular things are happening at KTH labs. But now you have the chance!

The lab tours will take you into the FUSION DEPARTMENT, DEPARTMENT OF ROBOTICS and ANECHOIC CHAMBER. To ensure the quality of the tour, only 15 people are allowed. This implies that places are running out soon!

Fusion Lab at KTH

Date: 16:30 – 18:00, 16th to 18th Oct

Registration: mandatory and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Link for

Campus Tours

Rambling in the beautiful KTH Campus at Valhallavägen is a travel that both brings you back in time and leads you to the future. The guided tours will tell you the history of and anecdotes from KTH: there is an interesting story behind every building.

Date: 12 – 13, 16th to 18th Oct

Registration: mandatory and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Link for registration


There are exhibitions at three places:

1. Exhibition at KTH Entré

Theme: 100 years of Swedish Architecture History

Date: 8:30 – 16:30, from 16th to 20th Oct (Mon – Fri)

Location: KTH Entré Drottning Kristinas väg 4

2. Exhibition at KTH Library

Date: 16th to 10th Oct (Mon – Fri)

Location: KTH Biblioteket, Osquars backe 31

3. Outdoor Lighting Installation

Presented by international students from the master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design, the outdoor lighting Installation is the realization of an innovative idea originated from the KTH Lighting Laboratory. Through lighting up the darkness, visiting the campus at night must be an unforgettable experience during the celebrations!

Date: 18 – 22, from 17th to 19th Oct

Location: Borggården near main building at Lindstedtsvägen 3

Registration: the opening at 18:00 on 17th Oct can be register through this link

4. Exhibition in the Teaching House:

The newly erected Teaching House is open to visitors.

Location: Undervisningshuset, Brinellvägen 28

Date: 7 – 19, 17th October

Registration: Not required

Enjoy, and see you on campus 😀