The career fair towards a sustainable future

Scandinavia’s largest career fair ——- THS ARMADA  organised by KTH Student Union, was successfully finished today. For many, it must be two exciting days of attending talks, submitting CV, talking to company representatives……Instead of repeating those job hunting that you might be already familiar with, I am going to talk about a rather interesting theme that penetrates throughout the fair, sustainability.


Although the combination “sustainability” + “career fair” doesn’t seem to be intuitive, it is nothing to be surprised in Sweden, a country in which sustainability is so deep-rooted.

Indeed, sustainability, together with quality and diversity, are the three core values of THS Armada. In the level of implementation, THS Armada has these principles:

Let’s see if we can find them in the career fair!


With the inherent advantage of being a technology institute, digitalisation at THS Armada is a direct consequence. LED boards are displayed at every conspicuous spot. For example, this board at the entrance of library obviates the need of distributing leaflets:


It is promised that 100% vegetarian food is supplied throughout the event, as an effort to reduce carbon emission caused by meat production. As a tradition, the most common things offered at the booth are all kinds of candies (especially liquorice o_o)!

Shadowed by the liquorice experience last year, I am more cautious this time by avoiding all hard candies.

Besides candies, pop corns are also served during the event (but I am too late).


In Sweden, recycling is strongly emphasised in household, schools and all public sectors, THS Armada cannot be an exception. At this occasion, these kind of recycle bins can be found very easily:

It is roughly estimated that there is at least one set of bins per one display room.


The Green Room presents companies at the frontier of sustainability since 2015.

This year, they are:


Of course, sustainability is easier to say than to do. That’s why I think that this check list by THS Armada is extremely pragmatic (though I certainly violate No.4 lol):

Did you spot any sustainable actions during the THS Armada, in campus or in your everyday life in Sweden? I’d love to hear your sharing 😀


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  1. What you write about is what you are concerned. I’m glad that you appreciate the sustainability of THS ARMADA.

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