The First Snow in Stockholm

When I opened the window from my corridor’s kitchen on the morning of 21st November, a brand new world was in front of my eyes.

In Stockholm, it starts snowing from the beginning of November until April next year. But we are still pining for the first snow. How is it so?


Firstly, it paints the world with silvery white so timely when the brilliant red, yellow and green colours from trees are gradually fading out.

KTH Campus Alba Nova

Cited from one of my Swedish colleagues: “Snow lights up the November sky. I always feel better because of its presence”

Besides its aesthetic function, snow is a symbol for Christmas, celebration and family gathering.

Snow also broaches the season of winter activities: many of us are waiting for the lakes to be frozen (usually in December).

Winter hints? 

  1. Take vitamin D, especially if you are female and have darker skin.
  2. Keep exercising. (Click here for the outdoor winter activities that you can do in Stockholm.)
  3. Talk to friends, eat more and be happy 😉