Who studies at MTLS? | Statistics of the admitted students

Recently, I received a lot of questions. Many of them look like these: “I study XXX, I want to know if I am eligible to be considered by MTLS? ” or “Are there any current MTLS students who come from YYY, just like me?” In this blog, you are going to find out more about the admitted MTLS students, regarding their demographic profile and academic background, that you CAN’T even get from our official website!

By 2017, there are in total 3 cohorts of students admitted into our programme.


A purple dot on the map represents the citizenship of one student. The number of students and diversity grow by years.


The number of male and female in all three cohorts are roughly equal. Of course, you may notice that gender equality is a fundamental policy in all Swedish universities. In the admission process, no weight will be added/reduced based on gender of the applicant.


It has been told that life science will be an interdisciplinary field; MTLS is no exception. The majors listed in the pie chart are based on the bachelor degree that the students possess:




Want to know more about our programme? There are numerous routes:

  1. Our four official websites at KTH, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University and Science For Life Laboratory
  2. Follow my page MSc Molecular Techniques in Life Science
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  4. Contact our student ambassadors: me, Carolina at Karolinska or Javier at KTH!

4 thoughts on “Who studies at MTLS? | Statistics of the admitted students”

  1. Very interesting and attractive! Can see how much statistical work you have done and how you organised them in such a good way 🙂

  2. Thank you, good to hear that from you;)
    (Frankly speaking I am not very happy with the colour theme of the pie charts, but was too lazy to find a substitute of powerpoint, so please please ignore it XD)

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for your quick response I really appreciate that…my second question that when I tried to fill the CV template there are several questions about my University rank and my University was founded in 2006 and its World rank 10880.. loool..I think for me it’s better to apply to swedish universities with lower rank..

  4. I would say never be discouraged by the university ranking! First it is NOT the only consideration when our programme is looking for students. And, this is exactly the reason why we have universityadmission.se here in Sweden: students can apply for several programmes simultaneously and their applications will be considered in order. If you are sure that MTLS is your dream programme, put it on the top of your list! More importantly, it will not affect your chance of being admitted by other programmes in the lower ranking.

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