The amazing festivals and the fact that they are coming……

How well do you know about Swedish festivals? The daffodils and colourful feather in Easter, or the firework and maypole in mid-summer? If your answer is these two, you are perfectly catching the spirit of Swedish festivals! But, I would like to tell you more about holidays that fall between Easter (March) and Mid-summer (June), that you can join and enjoy NOW!

Cherry Blossom Festival in Kungsträgården

Date: 21 April 2018

It is neither traditional nor official, so why is it getting “viral” year after year? The longing to spring, warmth and aesthetic that beyond time, ethnicity and nationality is probably the only explanation.

Kungsträgården, April 2017

The Japanese Association in Stockholm holds the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in City Centre. Kimono and costume-play, Japanese dancing and singing, Japanese food booths will be part of the events. The event page can  be found at:

Walpurgis Eve (Valborgsmässoafton)

Date: April 30

Many believe that Walpurgis Eve was borrowed from the medieval Germany, when farmers lit bon fire and sang to scare away evil creatures and witches. Some are convinced that the purpose of bon fire is to instead dispel wolves and other predators for the coming grazing season. Which one is more plausible doesn’t matter much today, as they all fuse into the celebration of spring in one night. The oldest tradition as bon fire, spring song sing and dancing have been preserved. So, don’t miss the chance to see them in the city: Skansen, Riddarholmen……Check this website for the locations:

Bon fire on Riddarholmen

Students can’t be absent for the carnival. Therefore, the Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala, a city 1.5 hr by train from Stockholm, is recommended by many. They definitely have the reasons: students in Uppsala have celebrated the festival for more than 200 years and it is one of the largest celebration in Stockholm in terms of popularity and scale. Besides the classical bon fires, drifting across the river Fyris with DIY-boat made of all kinds of materials, is the most important event during Walpurgis:

Walpurgis on Fyris

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