If I’m admitted without scholarship, what are the alternatives to finance myself?

As the deadline of fee-paying (31th May) approaches, I received a lot of inquiries about student accommodation, public transportation…..and, finance! True, how to finance yourself is central to the decision-making, in particular for the majority who do not enter on an admission-scholarship basis. Today, I will discuss the alternatives that you can support yourself: non-admission scholarships and part-time jobs on campus!


1. KTH one-year scholarship

Perhaps all of you have applied (or at least heard of) the KTH admission scholarship, but do you also know that there is an one-year scholarship that you apply when you are first-year master student?

  • Type: one-year school fee waiver

  • Selection: based on academia excellence = your grades on KTH transcript

  • Time to apply: usually in April every year

Website: kth.se/en/studies/master/fees-funding/kth-one-year-scholarship-1.290744

So, check the above website in April and file your application in time! As far as I know, the scholarship is usually granted to those straight-A students. Therefore, my personal tips are:

1) Do your study  (of course!) and plan it early

2) Re-exam is a good chance, don’t waste it!

For MTLS students, KTH one-year scholarship probably won’t apply to you, as most courses in the first year are conducted in SU and Karolinska. Instead, try KTH Joint Programme Scholarship!

2. KTH Opportunities

KTH Opportunities is a fund from KTH alumni and friends that support current students (bachelor, master, phD) to explore something meaningful for themselves, KTH and the society.

  • Type: highest amount = SEK 50,000

  • Selection: project-based

  • Time to apply: usually from March to April every year

Website: kth.se/en/opportunities/sok-medel/ansok-om-stod-fran-kth-opportunities-fund-1.552270

The closest example around me is a friend from Medical Engineering who was funded by KTH Opportunities for a volunteering internship in a hospital in Nepal. You may want to have a look at the type of funded projects: youtube.com/watch?v=E6NSuuUiyDA

3. Karolinska Institute Foundation Scholarship

A good news to MTLS students is that you are eligible to apply for scholarship in Karolinska and SU!

  • Type: amount varies from SEK 4,000 to 15,000

  • Selection: Financial need and research activity

  • Time to apply: twice yearly, next application in Oct 2018

Website: ki.se/en/education/the-karolinska-institutet-foundation-scholarships

Notice that the selection priority is given to those:

1) Without admission scholarship (so, it is extremely relevant to this blog)

2) Active involvement in a research project

4. ERASMUS+ Scholarship

If you are non-European, probably the name “Erasmus” is not so familiar to you. Most people instantly link Eramus+ to an offer for European nationals only, but it is a huge MISCONCEPTION! The fact is, as international students studying in Sweden, you are eligible to apply for ERASMUS+ to support an internship/exchange/master thesis study aboard, in any other EU countries.

  • Type: subsidy on a daily basis (roughly £10 per day)

  • How to apply: contact International officer at your department

  • Time to apply: at least one month prior to the activity aboard starts

Website: ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/opportunities/trainees_en

Besides the three that I am most familiar with, I also attach a website from STUDY IN SWEDEN, that lists scholarship for multiple nationalities and disciplines. For your reference: https://studyinsweden.se/scholarships/.



There should be available part-time jobs on the market, especially if you are skilful in language, IT, etc. So, here I will only talk about part-time on campus:

1. Student bloggers and ambassadors

Positions as student bloggers and ambassadors are open annually (usually in September under KTH International Office).

  • Salary: monthly or hourly

  • Time to apply: usually in September, through links below

  • Selection: CV and interview-based

I received an email inviting applications, but then I heard that it is not the case for other programmes. So, make sure that you

1) Keep an eye on this website: kth.se/en/om/work-at-kth/lediga-jobb

2) Follow KTH International students on Facebook: facebook.com/search/top/?q=kth%20international%20studentas they will make it publish at the same pace!

3) You may want to read my previous blog Are you the next KTH blogger? about the actual application and the exact tasks as a KTH blogger.

One last thing is, these jobs pay very well! As a blogger I receive SEK 2,500 monthly, and about SEK 150 per hour if I have extra task (e.g. Instagram week, Arrival Day)

**For MTLS students, you may aim at being a Digital Ambassador at Karolinska. Don’t miss any information when there is an update on this recruitment website: ki.se/en/education/what-are-digital-ambassadors

***For Chinese students, KTH also recruits 1) a student blogger on WeChat 2) a student curator on Weibo. Therefore, you see how important it is to follow our WeChat and Weibo channel!

2. Students Caller in Call-up week

As an admitted students, you must have talked to our student caller during the Call-up week. Do you want to be one yourself?

  • Salary: SEK 3,000  (one-time)

  • Time to apply: usually in February or March each year

  • Job description: contact and arrange a virtual meet-up with prospective students

As students callers are recruited by the individual faculty/department, the advertisement will appear on My news feed | KTH at kth.se/social/home/subscriptions/.

3.  Research/teaching assistantship:

First, it is to be recognized that research/teaching assistantship for master students is not as common as phDs in Sweden. Therefore, you usually can’t find this kind of vacancies at KTH jobs. Hence, from stories of my fellow schoolmates who are research/teaching assistant, it usually starts from:

1) Approach the particular group leader/professor and ask if there are vacancies

2) Send your CV if required

3) Attend the interview and wait for selection

You may want to read Sinduja’s blog and see how she got such a position at KTH: kth.se/blogs/sindhuja/tag/part-time-jobs/