Museums of Stockholm

Recently, I have been writing a lot about the academics and about our programme. So today I thought to share something about the some places to visit. The first thing that came to my mind is the museums. Stockholm has innumerable museums, as you can see in the map below.

From these museums, I had an opportunity to visit a few museums during the Christmas break.

Nordiska Museet

The first one I visited was the Nordic Museum or known as the Nordiska Museet  in Sweden. It is based on the life style of the Swedish population, their cultural and traditional practices. A large portion of the museum is made to depict the timeline of the indigenous population of the Nordic countries. One of the most interesting aspect of the Swedish and Finnish culture is the indigenous tribe called the Sami population. The historic importance and various items used by these people in their daily life are a major attraction of the museum.

Generally the entree fee for this museum is 120 SEK. However, during specific days in the Christmas there is a discount of 100 SEK.

One of the original drums used for Shamanic practices. They play it to go in trance and see the future or past.
The inscription on the drums is still not clearly understood.

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Another famous museum is the Natural History museum or the Naturhistoriska riksmuseet. This is one of the best museum in Stockholm. I recommend visiting this museum as unlike other museums it has more exhibits that are awe inspiring in themselves as compared to others where the history can be tasted by reading the descriptions. It is very close to the student housing area, called Lappis. Even though it was this close I was able to visit this only during the winter break. The entry to this museum is free of cost on all days throughout the year, except for a specific exhibit called the Cosmonova. The museum has many exhibits that takes our breath away. You can see that in the pictures below.

The cross section of redwood trees of California.
Weight: 8 metric told Diameter: 3.7 metres Circumference: 12 metre
The skeleton of pre-historic elephant

The museum also contains the a section on the polar animals and other sea mammals. Here one can find skeletons of the biggest whale, i.e. the blue whale and its other cousins namely, the grey whale. There are exhibits that display various other animals found in the arctic and antarctic regions.

The grey whale.                                           PS: the blue whale was too big to fit in the frame

Tekniska Museet

The third museum that I visited was the Technical Museum or as the Swedes call it Tekniska Museet. The museum displays some of the ancient inventions and machines used in daily life, such as telex, typewriter, steam engine, old models of cars, the old projectors and many such things. All these things are original real scale exhibits. It also has a a few games in one part of the museum that are based on the scientific concepts.

The entry to this museum is free for all on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm.

Projector of the olden days

As mentioned earlier there are many more museums in the city. Two other must visit museums are the Abba museum which is the museum of Swedish art and culture. Other is the Vasa museum, it is the museum of ships that were made in the earl days. It has a very interesting of a battle ship made by a king which sank as soon as it entered water.

I enjoy in exploring and learning about the history of a place. These museums give a taste of the Swedish as well as Nordic culture and history. I hope I can cover all of them soon…