Learning Management System

The process of learning is important, however, ultimately, there are exams that are employed to test knowledge acquired as well as to pass the course. For most of the courses the exams are held based on the theoretical lectures and guest lectures conducted through out the course. The presentation from these courses are made available to enable us to study and prepare for the exams.


The system used for this is called Canvas. Canvas is a platform used by all the three universities i.e. KI, SU and KTH for the distribution of the presentations as well as other study material such as review papers, relevant videos, etc.

Assignments and exams on canvas

Canvas has multiple modes for different purposes. We typically receive study material, but in some courses it is very efficiently used to conduct quizzes, and exams as well. It has special discussion boards that can be used to discuss doubts during the exam time directly with the professor as well as with the peers. Further, general announcements regarding the course are also made on canvas. The canvas is linked to the university email id. Any important announcements and updates posted by the instructors are notified by an automatic email.

Study material on canvas

This makes it very easy and flexible for the students to access all the material and discussions in one place. Although, we currently have different canvas accounts for different universities, most probably next year onward, only one account will be used for all courses from all three universities.

I hope this post has given some insight into the system used by the students here in Sweden.