Semla Day!

Semla day or as the Swedes call it – Fettisdagen is just another excuse to get fat. Literally, it is called Fat Tuesday in many countries. People typically eat Semla or fettisdagsbulle on this day to celebrate last day before the start of the Lenten fast.

The orthodox church follows the Lenten fasting tradition, where they believe to prepare for the Easter prayers and practice penance. Thus, in order to have the last sweet before the start of the long fast, the Fat Tuesday or Semla Day is celebrated.

Creme filled semlaaa!

However, in today’s day, the Semla day is an occasion for colleagues, families, and friends to come together while enjoy sweet buns made of Almond paste filled with whipped cream and sharing their lives with each other.

Just like everyone else, we celebrated Semla day at Scilife Labs where I work as an intern in Friedlander Lab. Here’s a picture of me with my PI and other lab members enjoying Semla!

PC: Vaishnovi