Appointment for Biometrics

Once you have submitted your application for the Residential permit, and paid the fees, the next step is to book an appointment for submitting your biometrics.

Swedish residential permit is in the form of a card. This card contains your biometrics information. This includes fingerprints, signature and photo. In order to submit this information with the migration agency, you need to go to the nearest Swedish embassy. You can find the information about the nearest embassy on the website here.

The option to select the embassy will appear after the payment section in your application. Select the embassy that is nearest to you from the above link and state that in the given column. Then you will have an option to select the slot convenient to you from the available slots. Note that the submission of biometrics does not affect the decision on your case. You can alternatively wait and book the appointment for biometrics after you receive the decision. However, I recommend to not wait that long as the slots might fill be full at a later time.

While at the embassy, you have an option to get you card delivered to your home address or to collect it from the embassy. To get the residential permit card delivered to your home address there is a form to be filled that is provided by the staff at the embassy. The residential permit generally takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive at your home address after the decision has been made and the biometrics have been submitted. You can find the information of the cards dispatched from the Sweden every week on the Sweden-abroad website in the waybills.

In case of queries you can write to the Swedish migration agency from their contact page. Alternatively you can call them on the given number. They generally answer in short time.