KTH tution fee payment

I have been admitted, but what to do next? How to confirm my admission with KTH? How to apply for Swedish visa? How to get housing, etc etc. Do not worry about these questions. I will be writing a series of posts to guide you through the process.

Once you have received an offer, first step would be to confirm your position. For an international tution fee paying student, this can be done by paying the tution fees for the first semester. You will receive the invoice with the tution fees for the first semester. The due date to pay the fees and confirm your admission is 31st May, 2019.

For the EU students, generally there is no specific process to be followed as such to confirm your admission.

Credit card

The easiest way to pay the tution fees is by a credit card.

For this, open the link mentioned in the email that says ‘pay.kth.se’. This will redirect you to a payment portal as shown below. There it will ask for Invoice/OCR number and customer ID. These are mentioned on the top right corner of the invoice. Fill these and follow the instructions on the screen.

Fee payment portal

Bank Transfer

However, it is relatively difficult to have credit cards with such high credit limit, so most people opt for bank transfer option.

Most of the banks have a form that needs to be filled that is specific to the bank. So the best way is to go to the branch of your bank and enquire about money transfer or wire transfer. The bank employees should then guide you through the process.

Invoice. Yellow color highlights the important details

However, one of the most important thing is to mention the customer number and the Invoice number, on the bank forms of wire transfer. These numbers are mentioned on the top right side of the Invoice. The forms have a blank space where you can mention these. Sometimes there is no specific provision on the forms to mention anything, in that case you should ask the staff about this and ensure that these numbers are mentioned during the wire transfer. This is how KTH will identify your payment and confirm your admission.

Bank transfer generally take 3-4 working days, so it is a good idea, to start the process early and have some buffer time of at about a week before the due date.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any relevant doubts then feel free to drop in an email.

My next blog will be on ‘How to apply for the Swedish Visa or Swedish residential permit’. So stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “KTH tution fee payment”

  1. Thanks dear for your very useful blog. I wanted to know whether it is possible to pay through netbanking as I attempted thru SBI Netbanking, but encountered error. So raised this query.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Swedish Krona, is generally not included in the common currencies for online wire transfer. SBI has EURO, USD and a few other currencies, however, I doubt SEK is one of them. I recommend you to check with your branch if it is possible to do the wire transfer for SEK via netbanking. If it is not possible then it can be done manually by filling relevant forms at the branch itself.

  3. whether it is possible to pay thru International Multi currency card

  4. Hello Sir,

    Yes, I think travel card should work for the online payment through the website.

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