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Summer Internship at Cambridge MRC Stem cell Institute – Part 1

My summer internship at MRC Stem cell institute – Cambridge University was a dream come true. I was able to spend 2 months of my summer vacation and a bit more in Dr. Srinjan Basu‘s Lab working on Chromatin dynamics and developing methods to study the same.

MRC Stem cell institute cambridge
Source – Wellcome Trust MRC Stem cell institute (

My journey and decision on actually going to Cambridge is a story in itself as the discussion on Brexit were going on and nothing was finalized apart from the fact that me and my PI Srinjan were looking forward to me working there over the summer. However, fortunately everything turned out well (a tad bit late may be) and finally I got my UK visa and on the afternoon of 10th and I literally booked the next flight out of Stockholm. Which means I was in Cambridge within 18 hrs of having any confirmation at all of me actually being able to go there.

That’s e in front of the iconic building of Cambridge – King’s college chapel

The MRC Stem cell institute is located in the Addenbrookes campus, which consists of the NHS’s Addenbrookes hospital and is the hub for biology research. MRC-LMB (Laboratory of Molecular Biology), UK-Cancer research, and big companies like Astrazeneca, etc. are situated.

Cancer Research UK (left)

This enables a highly collaborative environment among the leaders in various fields. And this is highly evident from the type of research conducted and the number of nobel laureates present in each institute.

For example