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The Corona connundrum

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I wrote the last blog. I hope you are well during these difficult times. Today I am going to tell you about the pandemic caused by the Corona virus and the measures taken by Sweden to tackle it.

Sweden’s approach

Sweden’s approach to tackle the corona virus is to achieve heard immunity. The idea behind heard immunity is to have enough number of people already infected and develop immunity against the virus. This means that large number of people are already immune to the virus and can fight it causing reduction in the rate of spread until a vaccine or cure is out in the market. This is also the natures way of dealing with infectious diseases. This approach is favourable for a country like Sweden, where the population density is very low and social distancing is a way of life for the Swedish people.

Social distancing in Sweden Source :

Statistics in Sweden

WHO, FHM (Folkhälsomyndighetens – Swedish Public Health Agency) and similar organisations all around the globe are currently trying to cease the increase in number of cases referred to as flattening the curve. The FHM is constantly monitoring the number of confirmed cases and the deaths in all across Sweden. Detailed statistics can be found here. Since, the website is in Swedish here is a short guide: Sjukdomsfall – Confirmed cases; Intensivvårdade – Intensive Care Patients; Avlidna – Deaths.

Statistics by FHM

What to remember when comparing global statistics?

Multiple different sources are currently reporting global statistics and reports on the current situations. Once such site is World0meter. However, it is crucial to understand the caveats when comparing reported global statistics. First and most importantly, the statistics do not reflect the actual number of cases, rather just gives an idea of the number of cases in a particular country or region. Since, the disease does not always manifest with symptoms, the individuals without symptoms are not reported, further, the individual with mild symptoms that did not approach the health care facility but got better by themselves are also not reported in the statistics. Looking at the number of patients in intensive care or deceased patients is relatively a better way to assess general situation. Secondly, it is not ideal to compare the statistics reported by different organisations, as the method of reporting can be very different between them. Instead comparing the number of deaths in one week as compared to the previous week in the same region/country gives more accurate information.

In the coming weeks I will be writing more about the changes we are currently observing in Stockholm to fight the situation at hand and how this has affected the student life. Stay safe!

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Changes during Corona in Sweden (JK)  Source:

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